Think Outside the Map

There is more to location than a map.

At PlaceLogic, we are passionate about making location and spatial data accessible to the entire organization. We empower you to integrate spatial thinking into your workflows. We don’t stop at a map, we stop at a solution.


Turn your data + knowledge into action. 

There has been an explosion in the availability of spatial data. From free data to LBS and  GIS data, it has never been easier to access location information. Now you can access all that data with a simple premise – scoring that data intelligently enables you to discover untapped knowledge. That knowledge helps you decide where to locate your efforts. It helps you understand the dynamic characteristics of a place. It helps to automate processes that need spatial input.

Yes, simply. We do all the work for you.


Operationalizing your spatial data.

LocationScore is a multi-criterial scoring engine. It combines disparate datasets through location and time to create user-defined scores. Scores encapsulate knowledge about a place and can be used to make quicker decisions or to better understand spatial patterns.

Are you an Esri ArcGIS user? Great! We integrate right into the ArcGIS platform. No Python programming required.

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Using Scores

Scores are accessible across the enterprise. A score can automatically trigger an action. Or it can be used to make a map. And finally, the score can be build right into your app so you have the latest information when are where you need it.

Web App

Intuitive web interface makes for easy ad-hoc integration of disparate datasets based on location and time.

In Your App

A REST API makes it easy to embed into apps and to trigger processes or actions.

On a Map

Results can be displayed on maps, tables or a report. Anywhere you need it, the results can be viewed.

Integrating Data for Better Results

Leveraging disparate datasets is difficult especially when their relationships are not clear. LocationScore brings them together by location. It can use your enterprise data, third-party industry data and open-source data. Include data from live data feeds from sensors, beacons, OBD and networks. All of these can be spatially scored and searched. And if your data has addresses, we can clean and geocode them to bring them into the equation. The best part – it is dynamic. Your results will be accurate and timely.

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Expand Your Reach

Building a repeatable process is as simple as stringing actions together using a intuitive user interface. Integrate it into your application or build an app to display the results for your specific purpose. We get that location results are great to see on a map, but to accelerate your business you need to use the results for action!

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